2015 NZDG Nationals, selected top card slowmos @ 240 FPS

Originally posted on YouTube

*Featuring: Simon Lizotte, Dave Feldberg, Simon Feasey, Chris Addiego, Jackson Sullivan, Logan Papuni, Gregor Martin, Martin Doerken.*

This is the final wrap-up of the remaining slow motion throws I managed to capture at the Nats. I wasn’t able to film the rounds, and hoped grabbing lots of slow motion throws at 240 FPS would allow the players to do some form analysis to improve their game, and as education and entertainment for all of us.

Here we can see several things in the players’ throws, not least of which is that The Great Dave Feldberg bends his elbow less than any other player on the tour, and still manages to blow everyone out of the water with his distance. He’s living proof that technique and timing is EVERYTHING in Disc Golf.

Jacko is muscling the disc on the pull through, over-closing his wrist at the start of the pull, opening his shoulders early, and not reaching back fully – and thus losing a ton of power, while compensating for it with muscle. I wish I had enough muscle to get away with that. 🙂

Moe looks like he has sidearm form which will destroy his shoulder in 10 years, so I hope appearances are deceptive.

Music for the video includes: Cameo “Word up” (intro), Andreas Vollenweider “Behind the Gardens” and “Belladonna”, plus Pitch Black “Data Diviner”. It’s all copyrighted of course, sadly.